Thursday, August 19, 2010

back patio

Sorry this post is a day late... 
I went grocery shopping last night and it took a lot longer than anticipated. 
Oh life, it just gets in the way of important things like blogging. ; )

I love the space we have behind us.
So glad we don't look into someone else's house.

Our patio! 
It sucks that the air conditioner has to sit right there...

My potted plants and bench. 
Yes, some plants are dead, they have since been replaced. :)

Elliott got to see our new yard for the first time. He loves munchin on grass.

We spend much more time out here than we did at our old place. It's shaded by the house in the afternoons and evenings so it's much more pleasant. And having the new grill certainly draws us out there. It will be nice to have more gatherings when the weather cools down. 

I have an idea of how to make a simple 'partisan' to separate our half of the yard from our attached neighbor. I'm looking into materials. One other thing that I hate is that most of our back yard neighbors put their trash on their back patios. It is pretty disgusting and I am thinking about complaining to the management company. 

I am almost ready to show you the upstairs... I just want to get the office/craft room a little more organized!



  1. That looks like a sweet little area to hang out! I can't wait to have a real backyard in two weeks, I think we'll be back there A LOT.

  2. that is perfect! it's not fun to look in someones yard!


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