Thursday, August 12, 2010

heat of summer

{pretty sunflowers from my parents in a blue glass ball jar}
{ignore the toaster}

Speaking of the sun... it has been so hot lately.
So hot.

I haven't wanted to do much of anything.
Like folding hot laundry from the dryer.
Or cooking any elaborate meals.
Or sitting with a hot laptop on my lap.

But, I am ready to show you more of the house!
Of course there are still things that are in progress, but you'll have to keep that in mind.
That just means I'll get to show you updates along the way. : )

I am personally looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
I can just read Eat Pray Love. In my pajamas. In the air conditioning.

PS: Sorry this picture published last night. I was trying mobile blogging.


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