Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my work space

I love my office/craft room. I didn't even realize how much until I was editing the photos. Seriously swooning over here.

Recognize the pillow? I love having it in here.
And I love love love my chair.

I need to fill my thread 'stand' with more colors!

The leaning shelf... no longer leaning.
I had it hanging in my bedroom before and a pen would have rolled right off. This time I wedged some foam core in, and it is perfectly level. For now anyway... : )

My letterpress number 7, antique molding, and antique wooden spool.

My sewing machine can tuck between the shelving and the wall when I don't need it.
I have the 5 locker baskets and one other random wire basket that I found at antique stores.

The shelving is made up of a whole bunch of random parts, topped off with a 16 inch deep, 90 inch long pre-made laminate shelf from Home Depot. I have a couple little shelving units and a plastic three drawer 'dresser' holding most of my supplies. I just sewed a simple, randomly pleated, curtain to cover my mess of baskets.

I used sticky velcro to attach it, that way I can change the curtain whenever I want.
I didn't even bother sewing the velcro to the curtain, it stuck well enough.

There is more work to be done... I still need to get some stuff up on the walls, finish 'styling' the floating shelf, re-paint my desk/table, and get completely organized. (You may notice that the baskets still have some random things in them.) My curtains are hilariously short too, but I was using what I had! I think I'll sew some new ones soon. I'll show you any progress I make. And FYI: the other side of the room belongs to the boyfriend... I didn't feel like picking up his side. : )

Now that things are almost complete I can actually get back to sewing and crafting and painting. : )



  1. awww it's so white and relaxing, i would just stay in there all the time :)

  2. That room looks soooo relaxing and peaceful.I WANT IT!! Awesome jobbb!!!!

    Love, Mere

  3. Okay, okay, I apologize for calling you a tease. You didn't even make us wait very long.
    It looks great and I know you are much happier having all of your things organized.
    You continue to impress me, my little Peanut:)
    Can't wait...it's gonna look so much better in person! ;P
    24 & 1/2 days!!

    Lub you!

  4. Thank you all!! I did a little work in there this evening and I loved not having to dig through bins and piles to find my stuff. : )

  5. it is so bright and roomy, perfect for creating masterpieces.

    PS i will be posting about my winning giveaway prizes tomorrow.

  6. a room of one's own! yay! congratulations! :)

  7. It's so pretty and so neat and simple! I need to do more organizing, I think. :) Love your space!

  8. Your space is so clean and beautiful! Thank you for linking up to Scatter Girls :)


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