Friday, August 27, 2010

a stealer.

{elliott tried to steal my keys!}

So, I have been working on my Picaboo book every night this week, it was taking all my blogging time! But I think it's done!

I am going shopping tomorrow morning with my sister, then I plan on finishing the office. I really just need to hang some shelves and it will be finished. I want to be done, already!

I am going back to my fine-art roots next month. I am going to enter a local art show, mainly because there is no entrance fee, but I need to make some new pieces. I already know what I want to make, and I'll show you!

Anyway, now that the book is done I can get back to posting. : )

See ya tomorrow!



  1. Aren't photo books fun? I used My Publisher to make a book of all my wedding pictures and I worked on it for hours and hours making it just right. Totally love it!

  2. I love making photo books but it takes me forever!

    Finish your office so we can take a look haha.

  3. ! maybe he stole your chairs!? just kidding. i'm still angry for you though!

  4. Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!


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