Monday, August 16, 2010

you're late! you're late!

{elliott curled up in one of my locker baskets}

Soooo... my camera battery died. No biggie, except I missed my blogging window... the time I spend on my computer when I get home, before I make dinner. I prefer to spend the rest of my evening computer-free, since you know, I sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. : )

Here is a silly picture of Elliott squashed up into one of locker baskets. I had to move it to the floor so he could roll his way out - pretty hysterical! haha

The kitchen and back patio will be posted tomorrow. I swear! I might even sneak back on tonight to schedule the post for you, if you're lucky. Steven and I are off to dinner at Outback. I don't want to cook and I got a gift card for my birthday. :) Have a good evening!



  1. What a cute pic. Have fun eating at Outback, I'm jealous!

    P.S. I got the stationary I won from you. It's SO CUTE! Thank you!

  2. elliottttttt is so adorable :)


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