Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy birthday, katie!

Today my baby sister turns 20. Seems impossible to me that she could already be 20. 
Maybe it's because I don't want to be 24. If she grew younger I could too.

I still remember little bits from the day she was born. 
Mom took me trick-or-treating. I think I must have been the cowgirl with the horse that year.
I didn't notice this then, but Mom was having contractions the whole time.
She stood at the sidewalk and sent me up to the house. 
Must have been a weeknight if Dad wasn't home yet.

They took me to Grandma's on the way to the hospital and told me 
I would have a baby brother or sister soon.
I wanted to have a gift to give my mommy when I went to meet the baby.
I found an empty tin my Grandpa used to store his homemade candy during the holidays.
I filled it with white sparkly rocks from the gravel driveway, wrapped it up, and attached a note:

Is it a:
(check one)

Ah, the mind of a 4 year old.

Grandma and Grandpa took me to the hospital to meet my new sister.
I don't remember what I thought, but in the photos I look smitten.
Mom wanted to name her Taylor. Dad and I said no.
So Katherine Taylor, Katie, it was.

20 years later I am still smitten with my baby sister.
She is beautiful, smart, fun, caring, and strong.
I love her tons.

Happy birthday, baby sister! Have fun, but be good!

love,  your big sister, christa


  1. OH, my...You just made my cry!
    You are toooo sweet!
    I remember that day very well. At least we managed to get the trick-or-treating done! I think you were the tube of toothpaste. I'm pretty sure I remember Dad screening the logo on, while I sprawled on the couch feeling kinda cruddy, the night before.

    AND...I still have the tin that you wrapped my present in and the note you wrote. I'm sorry, but I discarded the rocks somewhere along the way:(

    I am so blessed to have two beautiful, caring, wonderful daughters, and even more blessed to have them love one another, like no other.

    Love you both!!


  2. I almost made it through that without crying!! I can't believe I'm 20 either, I'll agree to growing younger. I love you Christa, you are the best big sister anyone could have and I am so lucky to have you so close!

  3. Ah! What a sweet story! Happy birthday to your sister!

  4. this was the cutest story!! happy bday to her :) :)

  5. AWH Happy birthday to Katie.

    PS Having a great giveaway, come on by to enter.


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