Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I don't know if you heard, but Mizzou beat OU this past Saturday. It was Homecoming, ESPN Game Day was on the quad, all sorts of friends were in town, and we beat the number one team in the country. I still don't believe it all happened!

Saturday we got up at 6 and headed over to the quad to watch the live taping of Game Day. We set the attendance record at 18,000. They said they have never seen so many signs before. It was amazing to see campus so alive that early in the morning. So much tiger pride in such a small space!

Then we went home and napped. We got a couple hours in before getting up and ready for the game. Steven headed up to the press box to work, and I met up with a friend at a tailgate. Everyone was nervous. But we had faith. We jumped, screamed, clapped, and bit our nails. The tigers pulled out the win and Mizzou nation sang. People rushed the field, took the goal posts downtown to the bar, and everyone celebrated all night long.

Our gang met up at Shakespeare's, our gathering place. We greeted each other with hugs, ordered late night pizzas, and did shots in celebration. It was such an amazing day.

I don't have any great photos to share, but my sister got some and I'll post them after I get them from her. : )

Basically I told that whole story just to get to the point that we are still recovering from a long day and night. I still have pictures of the baby to share! And I've been working on my things to sell at the handmade market. Needless to say, I'll be back soon!



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