Sunday, October 3, 2010


I managed to take two whole photos of my furniture makeover... only two. Luckily it was one before and one after. :) So here is a little sampling of the paint job.

The furniture I painted was the headboard and nightstand set that I am currently using in my guest room. It belonged to my grandmother and I received it when I was six. I love it, and it would be hard to get rid of, but with this makeover I don't think that is necessary!

The before photo. I had already started sanding it, then realized that I should take a before photo. Not just for you, but for sentimental value too. It has to be from the 60's or 70's... but it is quality furniture. I think I managed to give it a totally different appearance.

And after! I painted it a semi-gloss off-white (I don't have the exact sherwin-williams name with-in reach). I took a SW swatch to lowes and they mixed it for me. And of course she needed a new knob. It's just a simple clear-glass knob, also from lowes. And of course Elliott climbed in as soon as I brought it back inside.

It was a tough piece of furniture to paint. Getting in the corners of the 'box' took a lot of time and sideways bending. But I love it's new look! I have a dresser that actually goes with the set, but it is up in my bedroom. I am planning on painting it the same color, and I have new knobs to replace those lovely gold/brass ones. :) I'm hoping to get that painted while the weather is nice and cool and not damp. It took me two weeks to paint this furniture - all thanks to the rain and humidity.

And a note to the locals... I am looking for a couple of dressers. Small/medium in size, don't have to be matching in any way. If you know of anyone selling or getting rid of any furniture, let me know!



  1. You are making this I could actually redo our furniture. But I'm kind of scared to try!

  2. wow, that turned out super great!!!


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