Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am working on a couple of projects for the 'craft show'. I found these awesome journals with patterns punched in them, so I decided to use colored threads to stitch the pattern and add some interest. It takes forever, but I love the way they turn out! I have two done and I am working on the third, then I have three more to go.

I wanted to sew some pillows tonight, but walmart didn't have the stuffing I like. Hopefully I can find some by the weekend so I can knock those out. I am also considering painting some more furniture this weekend. Or, I guess I should say, prepping some furniture to be painted. I also have some organization left to do in the office... maybe I should do that first.

Anyway, I am feeling much better today. Thank you, cold, for making a quick exit! I just wanted to give you a little preview. :)



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