Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas recap

I'm not going to write much, but I have loaded you down with pictures.
Enjoy the simple captions. :)

Elliott all snuggled under the tree - his favorite spot all winter.

Toby likes it under the tree, too, but prefers to snuggle with us on the couch.

The lovely tree at my Aunt & Uncle's house. {dad's side}

Steven joined me on Christmas Eve, he was telling me a story.

My favorite photo. Wesley {or his parents} had just opened his first gift.

My family's gifts set up at my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve. {mom's side}

We drove out to my Aunt & Uncle's farm on Christmas day. {mom's side}
My Uncle grows gorgeous plants and flowers.
This barn was built in 1918. We helped paint the barn when they first moved in.
In fact, I leaned out the upper doors to paint the numbers.

Look at those crazy icicles!

They have 4 horses. This is one of the boys, Target or Jack... not sure.

Hello, horsey!

The ladies, Lucy and Lola.

They thought I had some treats for them. But I didn't.

She started pulling at the gate with her hoof trying to get to me. 
She really wanted some peanuts. :)

This is Dingo. He has snow on his face from rolling his basketball through the yard.

Another one of the buildings.
It is so white with the sun-less sky and fields full of snow.

One of the barn kitties! Some of them ran out to greet me.
Their fur is so thick and warm.

Another building.
The sun peeked out for a minute, you can see it reflecting in the window.

The barn cats came to the patio door looking for scraps.
They knew it was dinner time.

"Haha, you can't come in."

My holiday was lovely. I hope yours was just as magical. 

xoxo, christa

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