Friday, December 10, 2010

diy: bokeh

I have been seeing these magical shaped lights all over the place. After searching the internet I finally discovered what they were! They are one form of bokeh. I found a one good tutorial, but it didn't tell me much, so I decided to just play around and see what I could come up with.

I gathered black paper, a circle punch, and a star punch.

The circle punch is a just a little smaller than my lens cap.

I punched the star as close to the center as I could get by eyeballing it. 
I could have measured and marked, but I was just experimenting.

Before I went any further, I decided I should test it out. If it didn't work I didn't need to continue making the rest of the bokeh. And...

It worked! Yay!

It's not the prettiest, but this was a trial run. :)

Here are the shots I got while testing it out. 

I didn't have a subject to test with. I was going to sit a cat several feet away to get the stars behind them, but they wouldn't cooperate. I'll keep trying. I want to test out some different shapes, too.

I just found this tutorial doing one more search on bokeh. How helpful would that have been before I did this!

xoxo, christa


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