Sunday, December 5, 2010

ornament love

We are still building our ornament collection - they can be pretty expensive. I got an email alert from Crate & Barrel with an announcement of 20% off their holiday decorations. I wanted to show you some of my favorites. :) {before I go on, this is not a promotion for Crate & Barrel, this was written on my own without any prompt from any one or company.}

Unfortunately, as you saw yesterday, we have some kitties who are quite interested in the tree. Which means no glass ornaments. I would hate for one of them, or one of us, to get cut. So that limits what we can buy. Here are some I might purchase, and some that I would I could!

These glass dew drops would be so pretty reflecting the lights from the tree.
They might even survive on my tree if they are solid glass.

 Knit kitties only seem appropriate for our tree. 
And they fit into our red and white/cream/tan color scheme.

Glittery branches painted on to blown glass ball ornaments.
I love the vintage look that this bunch has.

These are painted brass Swedish cookie ornaments.
These definitely couldn't be broken by a tipped tree!

Real pine cone ornaments all gussied up with silver beads.
Elliott & Toby probably couldn't break these, but would they try to eat them?

They would look great with some of the ornaments we already have on our tree.

We just have a thing for penguins in this house. :) So adorable.

Fantastic antiqued silver glass ornaments.
I love love love these. I see ornaments like these every where. Some needs to make some shatterproof versions! 

Handsome wooden snowflake cutouts.
The white would look great with my cranberry garland.

I know a few of my friends who would love these peacock feather ornaments.
There is no way that these would survive in my house. So pretty though.

If you get any of these to adorn your trees, please take a photo for me. Maybe one day I can decorate a tree with whatever ornaments I want. One day...

xoxo, christa


  1. those peacock ones aer COOL!!! so are the knitted ones :)

  2. The peacocks, knit kitties and dewdrops are my favorite!!! LOVE them! I'm in one day....for me too :)

    Love, Mere


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