Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've got some pretty little packages tied up with string!

I'm watching the first snow of the year blow around and create big drifts.

I've got my hot cocoa with marshmallow mocha creamer keeping me warm.

Ah, winter. :) Don't you just love it.

Keep warm!

xoxo, christa

PS: if you have an iPhone, you have to try the Instagram app. I downloaded it a long while ago, 
but just started using it recently. It's so much fun! If you have an account, let me know. 
I'll add you to my friends list!


  1. Mmm yummy, I totally need hot cocoa right about now.

  2. Your present is sooo cute! I wish I had snow somedays even though I hate the cold! STAY WARM!

    Love, Mere

  3. Aw your presents are so pretty :)


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