Sunday, January 30, 2011

button art

Do you remember when I posted about these fun art ideas - a long, long time ago? I finally printed the button PDF onto an off white/light tan textured card stock and set to work!

My parents gave me a jar full of my Grandma Jane's old buttons, so I dumped them all out and sorted through them all, picking the 13 I thought looked best. It took me a really long time to decide! I laid them all out, snapped a photo with my phone so I could reference it for order, and started stitching them onto the paper. {this is why you will want a thick card stock, regular paper would rip.} I put a little piece of masking tape over the knotted thread on the back to further secure it.

I couldn't resist putting that tiny little button in the center. :) I used different colored threads, and stitched the buttons in different ways to add interest. And the medium sized pink button still had the metal wire that attached it to the cardboard. Instead of removing it, I cut a tiny slit in the paper, pushed the wire through and fastened in on the back.

Then I framed it up! I got the frame at walmart for about $8, I just put the glass and mat behind the paper in case I want to use it for something else later. You could always use a shadowbox if you prefer.

Also, a quick update... I found the image of inspiration for my wall art! I knew I had saved it on my computer somewhere. I hadn't renamed the file, so it was some random number.

And after several searches on etsy and google, I found the original, too! You can buy this print {un-framed} from MADE BY GIRL. Or you can make your own, much larger version, like I did. :) It would be fun to do a child's name or another inspirational word, too! You could even paint the background first... so many possibilities. :) 

Do you have any buttons laying around? This project was really quick and simple, you should try it!

xoxo, christa


  1. I am totally jealous of how crafty you are.

  2. This looks gorgeous and I think I need to try something like this in my term break (starting next week... woohoo...). :)

  3. I love buttons and also have a small portion of my grandma's collection. I have a feeling this project may be in my future.


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