Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it's in the bag

A Hasty Life
Today I'm participating in A Hasty Life's It's in the bag blog crawl!

I love this purse! I had been searching for a new purse for years, literally, and I finally found this one at Urban Outfitters in September. I like it's slight vintage look, and I pretty much always wear brown so it goes with any outfit.

Eye gear for my horrible allergies {my eyes itch like crazy}; headphones/hands-free phone attachment;  lotion is definitely needed for my dry winter skin; keys and the all important phone.

Purses are made to carry wallets; my planner & journal are always with me; you never know when you need change or supplies.

I still have both wallets in my purse because I just got back from a trip. When I travel a take a smaller, over-the-shoulder purse and my large wallet doesn't fit. I will eventually transfer everything back over.

I found the green pouch to hold my journal, planner, and pens. I use my journal to keep grocery, shopping, and cleaning lists - or sometimes christmas lists and party details. :) My Burts was in the wrong place, but it's still there!

Change to pay the meters; pouch that contains all the necessities.

I never go anywhere with out flossers, advil, bobby pins, or a nail file. And when it comes to lotion... I like options. :) PS: I keep my sunglasses in the car, which is why they aren't pictured here. :)

I know you have always been dying to snoop into my purse! Who doesn't like to see what other ladies have stashed in their bags?! If you want to check out other bag contents you should visit Megan, she posted yesterday, and tomorrow go see Aspiring Kennedy, she's going to post about her bag tomorrow!

xoxo, christa


  1. God your purse is SO organized! And your planner... I'm drooling. I wish I could be that organized, I love it!

  2. Your purse absolutely ROCKS!!! LOVE IT! Your planner looks just like mine but I use black pens and colored :)

    Love, Mere

  3. Great purse! I love a purse that can hold it all, none of those woosie little baby purses that can't hold all my stuff. Like you I carry a lot of stuff and lost with out it all.

  4. Love the purse: great look! Also, I want your planner and that green wallet :). Thanks for letting us take a peek into your purse!

  5. I aspire to be that organized!! This is fabulous! I can't wait for our lunch date because I want to see this in person! Especially your bag with markers and the journal. I want to see how you use those markers! So cool! Thanks so much for participating!!

    <3 Ashley

  6. Thank you! I love my big bag! And all the contents, too. :)

    My planner is a Moleskine, soft-bound, 18 month planner. I love it. And I especially love that it goes for 18 months!

    My green wallet is fossil brand. I've had that for years and absolutely love it.

    And I got the green mesh bag at barns and noble. It came as a set of three, that is the medium one. The large one fits magazines - perfect for some one who hates bent pages {ahem.}. And the small one is good for other loose items while traveling. :)

  7. Hey, I love your blog! I'm having a giveaway on mine and would love it if you'd enter :)

  8. You're prepared for it all lady! Loving this post. And your iPhone cover is too cute. I have a polka dot one too!

  9. i love how you organize your planner with the colors. and i adore all the goodies you have in your bag;)


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