Thursday, January 6, 2011


Is any one else ready for the weekend? Cause I sure am.

I have a little party to attend on Friday night, then I will be taking turns cleaning the house, doing laundry, and parking my butt on the couch or in my bed to watch netflix. Steven left town today and will be gone until Sunday. Even more of a reason to sit and watch whatever weird documentaries or home shows I want to.

That is my bed up there. And my awesome curvy frame. And my awesome lamp. You have never seen my bedroom because I never finished it. That's the only room in the house that isn't done. There is furniture to paint and I have two sewing/craft projects on my list to help combat that - maybe I'll start on one of those this weekend...

Do you have any weekend plans? Anything more exciting than mine?

xoxo, christa


  1. I am soo reaady and just looking at your bed - I want to take the day off tomorrow!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  2. I'm ready for SUNDAY. I work tomorrow and Saturday so bleh. But Sunday will be good!

  3. I didn't even realize it was friday until i started reading blogs!! i'm still jet lagging i think :)


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