Thursday, February 10, 2011

etsy finds

Here are a few things that have recently caught my eye...

 Have you seen these stamped forks?! How adorable! Absolutely perfect for cutting the cake at a wedding... the photos you could get with those forks would be precious. 

How about a darling hoop to announce your baby's birth day or remind you of your anniversary? 

I have had this on my etsy favorite list for a really long time. I absolutely love the bright colors in this print. It would be especially fun in a kid's playroom.

Who doesn't love the puffy clouds? This necklace is awesome. It would look really cute with a simple v-neck tee and a pair of jeans!

I love these reusable coffee cup 'cozies.' I actually bought a couple of these for some friends for christmas. I want one, too... I just haven't had a reason to buy it for myself. Haha! I would get one with a heart that said "latte." :)

Calligraphy is beautiful. I can't do it. But I can pretend I can do it with this stamp. Just as long as people only ever ask me to write my own name...

And of course I would always pick something out of my shop. ;)

What is catching your eye lately?

xoxo, christa

PS: If you follow me in Google Friend Connect and I don't follow you back, it's because I can't find the link to your blog in your GFC profile! If you leave a comment here I will follow you back.

PPS: Are any of you going to BlogHer? Or thinking about it?


  1. Thanks, I've been wanting new Etsy stores to check out!

  2. I can't believe that set of silverware, it's so cute. Goodness. Nice finds :) and happy friday!!

  3. your finds are so fun:) i am totally into embroidery right now:0

  4. Oh, that necklace is to. die. for. I want it. Great finds!!

  5. Love that cloud necklace! Yes, I'm thinking about going to BlogHer! Are you??? That'd be so awesome!

  6. I adored this post! And now have a a few more Etsy finds to favorite. =) Thanks!


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