Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I found this the other morning when I went to feed the cats. 
I think Toby is trying to send me a message. 

Do you see all the food bits on the floor? Toby plays with his food. He picks out a piece at a time with his paw, bats it all over the kitchen, then eats it. I vacuum like every other day. I wonder how much money Toby is wasting by throwing his dinner all over the place... He is actually playing in the kitchen right now.

I love those boys, but man are they a handful. Knocking over my flowers and getting yellow pollen all over everything, eating the leaves of said flowers, knocking things off my dresser, meowing at all hours of the night, leaving fur all over everything, making me clean up their poop... it's all a pain. 

Then they jump up on my lap, rub all over my face, and purr when I pet them. I do love those cuties!

xoxo, christa


  1. My cats don't bat their food around but they totally pick pieces out of the bowl before they eat them. So weird.

  2. i think toby needs to be entered into my "show us your whiskers feature!" :)gina

  3. How can you not love Toby!?! He's so cute! My dog, Buster, does something similar with his food to what Toby does :P My mom has to vacuum all the time like you do. She hates doing it but loves Buster. Oh the things we do for our animals!

    Love, Mere


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