Thursday, February 3, 2011

flashback: december 2006

The last time Columbia had a big snow was in December 2006. I was a sophomore at Mizzou and still lived in the dorms. The forecast was between 16 and 19 inches. A couple of my friends stayed up all night hoping to see the "classes are canceled" email at 5am. I decided to sleep and check for it in the morning.

{the front of Cramer Hall... which is no longer standing}

I woke up at 7, jumped out of bed and ran to the window. I was SO excited to see all 16-ish inches of that snow! I checked my email to verify that classes were canceled {they were}, and I got all bundled up to venture out in the winter wonderland. Given that we are talking about a college campus, it was mostly untouched. No foot prints or tire tracks. I walked down to the quad and exchanged cameras with a stranger to get my photo with all the snow.

{me and the columns. see me up there?}

{the benches give a good indication of how tall the snow was}

The dining hall workers couldn't make it to campus to cook for us, so the res hall staff had to fill in and cook what they could. A giant group of us walked to get food together, and then played in the snow on our way back.

{do you like my get-up? all bundled up!}

{steven and i. :) only 7-ish months into our relationship}

This blizzard has been a much different experience than The Great Snow of 2006. Living in the dorms meant a care-free attitude. All we worried about was walking to the dining hall and back and playing in the snow. This time around we have to make sure we don't let the pipes freeze, get the driveway shoveled, clean off our cars, and try to get to work in the snowy-slushy mess. Of course we allowed some play time, too. :) What a difference 4 short years can make!

Hope you enjoyed the time-travel. Maybe I'll do a couple more flashbacks... I have a ton of photos to sort through!

xoxo, christa


  1. Neil and I had only been dating for a month. He still lived three hours away and we never missed a weekend together. Unwilling to break the trend he rented a car and drove in the snow to be with me for the weekend. We camped out, walked to Hy-Vee, and played board games and video games with friends who were snowed in at our house. A blast!

  2. Any time there's been a huge snowstorm around here I've ALWAYS had somewhere that I needed to be. I wish I could have a carefree snow day!

  3. Like your long hair and outfit. and esp the pic of you and Steven!! Love you!

  4. How fun! We had a few days like that when I was in college, and you're right, then it just meant I had the whole day to myself :-) Now that we're all grown up it's a whole different story!

  5. Wow, beautiful photos! That is A LOT of snow! :O

  6. Thanks for this post Christa! That snow day was a highlight of my college career! So much fun. Also, seeing that picture of Cramer almost made me tear up abit. So many great college memories happened in that dorm!

  7. Oh, what happened to that beautiful building?? Looks like you had the greatest fun. :)
    And I love your rain boots!!



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