Tuesday, March 15, 2011

diy: birdie mobile

{ In honor of National Craft Month, I will be posting some inspiring projects from fellow bloggers. }

I came across an adorable little birdie mobile tutorial on Blessed Little Nest. I used it to whip this one up. It is my mock-up. I want to use some patterned scrapbook paper, so I tested it out first.

I used a couple of sticks tied together to create a mobile structure since I am not planning on hanging it from a chandelier.

I can't decide if I will hang it in my studio space, the kitchen, or the laundry room... my laundry room could use some love! Or maybe I'll make several. :)

This look me about 20 minutes from start to finish, and it adds a great pop of color to my space. I love it! You should try one!

xoxo, christa


  1. Oh, as a total fan of all things birds, I adore this idea!

  2. ca-uuttee! great colors too luv:)

  3. That is really cool! Looks so easy, yet so stylish!! Great idea!!
    Btw, you've been tagged - by me! If you want to participate in the "Handwriting Game" - look at my blog. :)
    ♡ Nadine

  4. Love mobiles~ I made one of beads on fish line last summer...Also a santa one when Tracy and Troy were "young" wondere where it went????? I loved it!

  5. Hey sis,

    I really decided to do this mobile as a crafting project for kids next week. Where did you find the patterns for the birds?? The link doesn't work...
    XO. Nadine


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