Tuesday, March 1, 2011

diy: hoop art

I have seen embroidery hoop art all over the place recently. It is all so cute and simple.

I got my hoop at JoAnn's for $1.30.

I picked colors to go along with my living room decor.

I stitched it all up and hung it next to the front door!

This is one of the projects I worked on on Saturday. What did you do over the weekend? 

xoxo, christa


  1. how did you make it? I have no idea where to begin but it is gorgeous and i love it! :)gina

  2. Back in the day, they just used large crocheted doilies..Yours has more personality!! Have you seen the toothbrush rugs? I just came fm craft nite and a gal is making one...the original tool was made from a toothbrush handle with a hole in the end! Videos and directions on the internet. Its simply a blanket stitch...easy...

  3. LOVE it...just paid homage to you on twitter :) Also, I now know what to do with ALL these doilies my Grandma makes me every year for my birthday! shhh don't tell her I want to cut into her work of art!

  4. i'm obsessed with hoop art!!! love what you did, it looks great!

  5. nice!!! you kill me with your creativity, i love it!
    i just hung out with friends and saw the kings speech finally, it was so good!

  6. Your creativity kills me, I wish I was half as creative as you!

  7. i love it! so cute and creative!

  8. I love it.. I wanna make some hooop art.. for sure!


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