Monday, March 21, 2011

diy: refurbished cartigan

 { In honor of National Craft Month, I will be posting some inspiring projects from fellow bloggers. }

I have several more DIY projects for you, so I better get postin'!

Caroline, over at good times never seem sew good made an embellished cardigan with some fabulous ruffles.

All you need is a cardigan and some fabric scraps! You could even hand-stitch this and add some iron-on reinforcement. :)

It jumped from spring to HOT yesterday. We had all the windows open and it was a little warm in the house. But it's way too early to turn the AC on! Especially since the temps are going to drop again.

Thanks for your nice comments on my last post. I am feeling better and a little less stressed out. I'm going to try to enjoy time with Steven this week since he will be going out of town for work next week. I'm going to start a project to keep me busy! I did start Couch 2 5K yesterday... that will have to be it's own post!

What are you all up to? Hope everyone is doing well.

xoxo, christa


  1. This is such a cute idea! I have a few old cardigans that I should totally do this with!

  2. thanks for posting about my tutorial <3 xoxo


  3. I would totally wear that sweater!! It's adorable!!

    Love, Mere


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