Monday, March 7, 2011

manual labor

I spent the weekend in Kansas City with my BFF Jessica at her new house! I was summoned to help remove offending wallpaper.

We started with a water/fabric softener solution and we got this far:
That obviously didn't work very well. It worked great when my mom and I used that method. But not all wallpaper is created equal.

On another wall we tried a paper stripper and got this far in about the same amount of time:
That obviously worked much better!

We took a much needed break to go shopping for home decor. Then after dinner we went back up to the room and made some good progress before crashing. You can see how little the pieces we were peeling off are. It was crazy!

We got up nice and early again yesterday and set to work right away.

Now that's some progress! I wish I could have helped her get some more down. But we did get a process in place, so hopefully it won't take her too much longer!

And this is her adorable dog, Gizmo. He hung out with us while we were working. :)

I'm so glad I got to see her and help her out. Hopefully I can get back soon!

I have some photos from an antique market we visited, too. Hopefully I'll post those tomorrow. :)

So, I spent my weekend doing manual labor. What did you all do?? Whatever it was, I hope it was fantastic!

xoxo, christa


  1. oh my word!!! Wow...looks like a fun weekend though regardless;)

  2. I did that in two rooms at my dad's house a while back and it was the biggest pain in the a$$ EVER!!!! I'm glad you got to go help her though and have fun :)

    Love, Mere

  3. oh my word- that is a labor of love, thats for sure. you'll be so psyched when its all done.

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