Saturday, April 23, 2011

antiquing, my love.

I had an opportunity to go antiquing today! Finally! I've been dying to go for a while, but I've had things to do every weekend, and I need at least two hours to walk around the warehouse of an antique store. I snapped a few pictures during my adventure. Well, more than a few... but I made myself narrow them down so I wouldn't have a mile long post. :)

{awesome vintage fans and a pair of legs?}

{i would take this home with me in a heart beat! but not for $670.00}

{adorable little dining set. i love the drippy paint on the chair.}

{fantastic vintage globe. but not for $225.00}

{fun blue bike.}

{a whole locker basket full of rolling pins!}

{drafting table and stool. love!}

{fun multi-colored books. i will collect vintage books when i have the space!}

{dishes, linens, and other kitchen goodies.}

{antique and vintage golf clubs.}

{i would love to take this home! i can't remember the price, but i know it was too much.}

{country store bag stand for $295.00... a little pricey for a wire rack.}

{milk glass and jadeite glass kitchen accessories.}

I did bring home a few things, but I'm going to share those in another post. If you follow me on twitter or visit my tumblr you got a little sneak peek. ;)

Do you guys have any special Easter plans? Steven was out of town Wednesday through tonight, I'm actually waiting for him to come home now, so tomorrow will be low-key for us. I am going to make a special meal and we'll hang out at home in our jammies.

I's also like it if the rain went away for a couple days! I want some nice spring weather before we have to jump into summer!

xoxo, christa


  1. How fun! But way too pricey for some of the items.

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  2. Great pics! Really, too cool. I can't wait for you to share what you got.
    I didn't do antiquing in quiet a while...
    Btw, what's your tumblr?


  3. Wow!! I'm drooling over all of the furniture!! What a fun store - can't wait to see what you ended up buying (without breaking the bank I presume!) :)

  4. You're getting your man back today and mine leaves tomorrow for New York! But I love welcoming him back =-)

  5. i'm antiquing vicariously through you!!! I hardly ever get to go!

  6. Why does antiquing have to be SO expensive? I can't seem to justify spending two paychecks on a dresser.

    Luckily, garage sale season is right around the corner! :)

  7. I love the bag holder and the antique bike!! They're awesome but some of those things are soooo expensive!! Oh my!!

    Love, Mere


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