Thursday, April 14, 2011

in progress...

 Well, this new piece is finished. It's the gallery wall that's in progress. :)

I made this with a canvas, some custom-mixed paint, and hand-cut magazine page letters.

I really love the way it turned out. 

I have it hanging next to one of my old windows. This one is complete with a bullet hole. Okay, it's probably a bb hole. I'm adding more items to it and then I'll show you the whole wall. :) It is hanging in the living room and I am really enjoying the pop of color.

This month has been absolutely crazy. I cannot believe that the month is half over!
Steven's birthday is quickly approaching. I'd better get some plans going!

xoxo, christa


  1. This turned out so wonderful! This is by far one of my favorite songs and one of my favorite song lyrics. Can't wait to see the rest of the space.

    My sister painted All you Need is Love for us for Christmas and we love it!

  2. I love this project, it turned out beautifully and you got to customize it exactly how you would like it! very impressive work.

  3. Really, that looks so great!! It's so colorful, yet the message is so easy - and true!
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. great job, that is awesome! it turned out so pretty!


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