Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fabulous fan

{here is the adorable turquoise vintage fan I got at the antique store!}

{it's a 55-watt wizard deluxe western auto supply fan from the 50s}

{see? it works! but it's way too dangerous to use. the cats would lose a paw.}

{playing around with the focus... fan blades, fan blade cage}

{and a behind the scenes shot. I can't have one 'photo shoot' with out one or both of the cats jumping in to investigate what's going on. those silly kitties of mine.}

Things are a little less stressful around here now that some things have been semi-resolved. Without going into too much detail, it basically involved one of our jobs and a possible unsatisfying change or even the loss of a job. Most of the issue has been resolved and we can now rest easy. It was just hard for me to blog with out word-vomiting my feelings all over the page, and this wasn't something we wanted to broadcast to the whole world wide web, ya know?

So anywho - I am feeling a bit more energized now and I have motivation to write again, so I'm back. For better or for worse... I hope you think it's for better. ;)

xoxo, christa


  1. Glad things are at least semi-resolved! And I LOVE that fan!!


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