Thursday, June 2, 2011

an introvert prepares for blogher

 {photo taken by my awesome friend Rhiannon}

Hi, I'm Christa and I am an introvert. *Hi, Christa...*

Yes. It's true. But I am not too nervous about going to BlogHer. Until recently I didn't know how to explain to people what being an introvert meant in terms of me and my behavior. My friend Tim sent me a wonderful article that outlined everything and provided me with a great way to explain to people why I do the things I do. I even sent the article to Steven and now he understands why I need more than a day's notice before we host a party. :)

I'm not necessarily shy or timid, I don't have social anxiety. I'm not afraid of being with a group of people or meeting new people. I am still outgoing. I just need time to be able to 'turn-off' and recharge my batteries. I might just need more than 5 minutes to decide if I am going out to the bar tonight or not. That's not saying I can't be spontaneous, I just prefer to plan.

I have already broken one rule in the article - 'Room with the right person'. I have three roommates, two of them are 'strangers'. {hi Lindsay & Krystal!} Instead of spending a fortune on a hotel room that I will barely be in, I opted to fill up the room and just let them know about my introvert-ish tendencies. And I reserved a roll-away bed so I will have my own sleeping space. Usually I wouldn't care, but given the tight schedule for the conference, I figured it would be best for me.

I also plan on loosely scheduling breaks in my day. Since I'm staying in the hotel where the conference is located, I will probably retreat to my room instead of the BlogHer serenity suite {that article is from last year's conference}. While I would love to attend every single session, I know how important my sanity is. :)

I want to absorb everything I have the opportunity to learn and I want to remember the people I meet! Now that I know to take 5 minutes to catch my breath when I need to, I feel confidant that I will overcome my introvertedness {yes, I made that word up.} and have an awesome time.

Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert? If you're like me, what do you do to refresh yourself? Any tips are welcome!

xoxo, christa


  1. introvert here. even as blogher staff, i need some time to retreat to my room and recharge (i took an afternoon nap during the farmers market excursion at blogher food last month).

  2. Interesting blog post, Christa! I'm an extrovert who has introverted tendencies. When I am around people that I find intimidating (oftentimes people who I think are older and better than me) I tend to shut up and sit back. But when I am around a true group of friends who I feel don't judge me, then I'm my loud, true self. :)

    What is Blogher all about?

  3. Thanks, Amanda!

    BlogHer is a blogging conference! It's a place to learn all about blogging, meet fellow bloggers, and generally have a good time. :) This year it's in San Diego!

  4. Sounds like you are I are a lot alike. Actually, sounds like Amanda and I are a lot alike because she pretty much just described me (hi Amanda). You definitely aren't alone!

  5. oh sweet friend... you are going to have a BLAST! Wish Iwas there to join in on the fun! :)

  6. Oh, I can totally relate to this. I am a total introvert too. You hit it right on the head--I'm not shy, I don't hate being around people, but I just need time by myself to recharge from time to time! Anyway, I'm totally jealous you're going to BlogHer! I hope you have a great time! Maybe one of these years I'll make it too!

  7. I am soooooo definitely an introvert! I need alone time to recharge so I can be friendly and outgoing again :). And I'm jealous you're headed to Blogher!! :D

  8. are so in the right family....We understand you perfectly!!!


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