Monday, May 23, 2011

may flowers

All those April showers finally led to those May flowers. I just got around to buying some new plants to spruce up my patio and driveway.

I love the bright colors and different flower shapes of the plants I chose. And I got new plastic pots in two different shades of blue to offset the pinks and purples. I got plastic because I had some pots get broken - and pots are expensive! These were a buck or two from walmart. Except for the yellow flowers below - that is in a terracotta pot that I got a couple of years ago. :)

Since we rent, I don't plant anything in the ground. The only bed we have is full of three different kinds of bushes. I really need to get out there and cut them back. And put some weed killer down to get rid of the dandelions!

I always bring my pots inside during the winter and some of the plants survive and come back in the spring, even if they are annuals! That's always a happy surprise. :)

Do you plant flowers in the spring? What are your favorites?

xoxo, christa

ps: I just want to add that I am horrified and heart broken over the destruction in Joplin, Missouri. Please keep the residents and volunteers in Joplin in your thoughts today as they continue their search for people and clean up the mess left by the huge tornado.

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  1. So pretty! We have some tulips growing right now and they're so pretty!


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