Thursday, June 9, 2011

flashback: 1992

{sara, me, lauren, katie, julia}

This is me with a few of my cousins in {what I suspect to be} fall 1992. This wooden swing resided in my grandparents back yard for many years. We're all smiles - except for Lauren... I wonder what is making her sad.

I'm wearing a classic early 90's outfit, while pointing at my missing teeth? White {although dirty} tennies, blue scrunch socks, patterned leggings, black tee, with an awesome jean jacket. I have that fabulous scrunchie in my high pony tail. And how about those bangs? It should be known that I haven't had real bangs since I could make my own hair choices.

I love looking at photos of me and my cousins - I can still remember things from the early 90's and I hope that never changes.

I could never pick a favorite childhood memory, but one of my favorites is when, several years later, the same group of us girls made a dance to go along with one of the Spice Girl's songs. We each picked a spice to be and danced our little hearts out. We had been playing in the sprinklers, so our costumes consisted of our bathing suits. We gathered our parents and grandparents and made them watch our routine. We also frequently danced along with the last number on Grease... We are so awesome. 

I don't get to see these lovely cousins of mine as much as I like, but I love them to death! 

What is one of your favorite childhood memories? Did you make crazy dance routines like we did? 

xoxo, christa


  1. I always made the neighborhood kids do musicals to Disney movie soundtracks. Because I was awesome.

    I think we would have gotten along well as kids ;-)

  2. This picture made me flashback before I even read the post!! I lol'd at your Spice Girls dance memory....we (my cousin, Alyssa and I) used to do that stuff too...mostly to Christmas music, country music or the ever so lovely Janet

    Love, Mere


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