Friday, June 3, 2011

fresh up

This is one of my antique store finds from last weekend. I love it! I have always wanted a wooden soda crate, but they are usually too expensive. I'm not quite sure where I am going to put it yet, so I have it sitting on the floor and the boys are taking turns napping in it. They love sleeping in boxes!

I got a couple of other things... but they will require a before and after post. I have a couple of projects that need to be done outdoors, but it jumped from winter to summer. It is SO hot out there!

I just wanted to drop by and say hi! I've been in the studio this evening making items for the handmade market this month. I have a lot to do!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

xoxo, christa


  1. ahhh I have the same exact crate! :) great taste!

  2. Hi Christa....I totally agree on the ESPN announcers and refs!!! So sad to see the outcome...just read Stevens twitter...what a sweetheart!! Love your pic and Tobys....It looks 3D! I have a Lambert crate! Too much to do, too little time...working on water color to donate, cards and slumped bottles for Aunt Esthers Attic!! Love you, Char

  3. These are beautiful photos! And I do love that crate. What is it with cats and boxes? Our three love when we bring home Costco boxes :)


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