Thursday, June 16, 2011

hanging out with o & a

On Saturday I was lucky enough to watch my friend's adorable daughters, Olivia and Ava, for almost the whole day!

I picked them up at 8:30 and we headed to the store to pick up some watercolor paints. And some chocolate covered marshmallows for later, which is why we're in the baking isle. :)

Then we headed back to my house to paint and hang out until the mall was open.

Olivia wanted to go to Claire's to look for new earrings or necklace. She ended up with some faux glasses. They are pink leopard print. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo.

Ava wanted to ride the carousel, so we did that next. :) I had to ride since Ava was too short, lucky me!

For lunch the girls requested McDonald's. Ava downed a cheeseburger and Olivia and I split a 10 piece chicken nuggets. I got an iced coffee to keep me going. ;)

Then we went to see Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. It was a really cute movie! And this would be where the chocolate covered marshmallows came into play.

When we left the movie, the girls were thrilled to discover that the sun had come out and it had gotten much warmer! I took them a park that has a splash pad.

At first they were hesitant... then they just jumped right in!

They went back and forth between the playground and the splash pad. I protected myself from being splashed with my camera.

I just liked this picture of Ava. Water dripping down her back as she runs back to the playground.

Lastly, I took the girls for ice cream! Their cones were huge! They did not finish the ice cream, I had to scrape off the remaining so they could eat the cones.

It was so much fun! When I told them it was time to go home they asked if they could sleep over at my house. I would call it a successful day. :) I promised them we would have another day together soon. I'm sure mom won't mind.

xoxo, christa


  1. What a couple of cuties, I bet that was a fun day!

  2. Looks like you girls had such a fun day together! How sweet of you to plan such fun activities for them :)

  3. What a great day! You might need to baby sit me sometime!

  4. Looks like such a great day! I think I'd like to spend a day doing all those things, especially the ice cream. :)


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