Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wednesday pinsday: projects

I've pinned a ton of project ideas. If only I could find the time and resources to make them all!

{i bought a vintage food mill at a flea market. this is the perfect way to use it!}

{i make these doodles all the time! i want to make a huge one for my new office.}

{i am making a variation of this stand for the handmade market!}

{i love my flip flops! what a simple way to make a custom pair!}

{i bought fabric to make a skirt or tank dress. i just need to sew it!}

What's on your project list? Which one are you most excited about? Do you have any in the works?

xoxo, christa


  1. Ooh my gosh I wish I could make a cute dress like that!

  2. I'd love to make those flip flops and I wish I had the skills to make that dress :)

  3. Those flip flops are the CUTEST!! I want to make some sooo bad!! I also like that three tiered thing....the colors just stand out soooo well!

    Love, Mere


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