Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 day photography challenge: check-in two

{day 11: a black and white photo}

{day 12: a photo experimenting with bokeh}

{day 13: a photo edit you like}

{day 14: a photo focusing on eyes}

{day 15: a photo of whatever I please}

{day 16: a photo with light trails}

{day 17: a photo with street lights}

{day 18: a photo with emotion}

{day 19: a photo with landscape}

{day 20: a photo of whatever I please}

I absolutely love some of these photos! The bottom one is my favorite in this set.

I think I mentioned this last time, but I really love having my camera with me everywhere I go. II wouldn't have gotten some of these shots if it weren't sitting in my purse. 

I really need to look into getting a basic point and shoot to carry daily. iPhones take great pictures, but not all the time!

xoxo, christa

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