Sunday, July 17, 2011

noises from a box truck

Friday night Steven and I made a last minute decision to grab some dinner with our friend JJ. And another last minute decision to go out to the driving range for some late-night golf after gorging ourselves on mexican food.

As soon as we got out of the car I heard a weird animal noise and mentioned it to Steven. I thought that maybe it sounded like a cat in heat and went about my business.

Then the noise, which I deemed to be a cat meow, started up again and it was louder where we were hitting balls. {yes, I hit some golf balls. pretty unsuccessfully, but it was fun!} I finally figured out that the meows were coming from a box truck that was parked at the edge of the parking lot. I went in to the office of the golf course and asked them about it. They said that other people had mentioned it and they had opened up the entire truck looking for it with no success.

I went over and listened and found the spot that the meowing was the loudest and tried to look under. The ground was gravel and I was wearing a dress, so I didn't want to kneel down. It kept meowing when I got close, so I knew/assumed it wanted to be found.

JJ finished hitting his bucket of balls first and decided to take a look under the truck himself. He turned on a flashlight on his phone and actually laid down on the gravel to look. After looking under the one side and listening to the meows he said it was coming from the other side and went over to that side. After looking for like 30 seconds he said "There it is." I said "Really.....," and bent over to look.

And there he was, huddled up on the rusty chassis of the box truck. I reached up and pulled him out. I could feel each of his ribs and his shoulder bones, he was pretty emaciated. JJ grabbed a t-shirt out of his car and I wrapped him up and took him in to show the golf course people that I had found the mystery cat.

{this was right after the vet where they cleaned his ears, so that's why he looks wet}

Steven and I brought him home and fed him and cooled him down. He's been to the vet and received a clean bill of health, besides the ear mites that will be taken care of by the flea/tick/mite medicine they gave him. We're calling him Rusty, for obvious reasons, and he is the sweetest kitten. He starts purring and kneading as soon as you pet him. He is so social for a "stray" cat.

We're not keeping Rusty, although Elliott and Toby have responded well to him so far, only a few hisses and one swat. Rusty wants nothing more than to snuggle up with one of the boys.

The last three cats I've acquired, including one at my parents house, have found me. JJ and Steven were calling me the 'cat whisperer.' We'll foster the kitten until he gets plump and hopefully find a home for him quickly!

So that has been our weekend excitement! What have you been up to?

xoxo, christa


  1. Oh my goodness. I wouldn't be able to let Rusty go again. He looks so cute, it breaks my heart. So lucky that you found him. :)

    Happy Sunday. XO.

  2. So cute! That's a lucky kitty to have been found by you and Steven like that. Here's to Rusty finding a good home!

  3. Rusty is sooo cute, glad you searched til you found the poor boy...I enjoy your pictures of "the boys", esp on the Ipad!!

  4. Oh my gosh, my jaw dropped when I saw that first picture. He is just adorable!

    Sorry I didn't respondo to your twitter post. Last week we ate lunch at Muse cafe. It was wonderful!!

  5. Oh my gosh those EYES! I've decided I'm not much of a cat person (I like to pet them and cuddle them but I prefer dogs) but you cannot deny how adorable he is!

  6. awww such a cute little kitty! :)

  7. Sweet little kitty...glad you found him, he looks like he could use some loving!


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