Thursday, July 7, 2011

seven on seven

For this installment of seven on seven, I bring you my seven favorite Instagram pictures so far.

{toby slipped out the door in january and was introduced to snow!}

{some winter hydrangeas to brighten up the mood in my house!}

{in february elliott attempted to eat the thread right off my sewing machine!}

{i discovered a new favorite treat in april - raspberry sorbet with fresh pineapple!}

{the boys enjoying one of the nice spring days we had in march}

{the flowers that steven sent me in may for our anniversary}

{a mid-summer thunderstorm that calmed the awful humidity}

I love using this app. It makes posting pictures from my phone to twitter and facebook pretty easy, and produces some lovely photos. I just learned about this fancy exporter. I was able to download all of my Instagram photos to my computer! I'll be glad to have them backed-up in case anything happens to my account.

 Do you have a smart phone? What is your favorite app?

xoxo, christa


  1. These are some really pretty pictures!! :) I like them a lot, especially the ones with the cats. And the one with the flowers. And the one with the raspberry sorbet. Ah, fresh pineapple. Love.

    XOXO. Lots of love to you!

  2. Mmm...that sorbet looks really good! No fresh pineapple for me though. You helped me figure that one out. Maybe I could sprinkle some coconut on it. Happy anniversary two months late! Also, your kitties are really quite adorable.

  3. That sorbet looks so yummy!

  4. oohh definitely have to try the raspberry sorbet and pineapples! Looks delicious!:)

    <3 Belly B


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