Sunday, July 31, 2011


{steven and i at the winery for the first time}

When I first came to Missouri, I kept hearing about was the winery. Everybody was always going to the winery. I couldn't imagine what a winery in Missouri would look like, but I was intrigued. We didn't make it there until 2009, but we really enjoyed ourselves when we did.

That's not the only winery in Missouri. The list is too long for me to count! They are good wines, too, many are award winners. And Missouri even has an official grape!

I'm not a hard-core local shopper, but when I can buy local I will. All these awesome wineries in Missouri is a great thing to support.

Steven is a total wine-o. :) He comes home from work and grabs a glass of wine {or 2} instead of a bottle of beer. He likes the Chardonel.

I'm more of a cocktail girl, so I got a bottle of blueberry and a bottle of peach wine and mixed it with some tonic water {1 part wine to 2 parts tonic water}. So yummy! I think the peach one would make a great sangria, too.

Since out first visit to the closest winery we have been back several times. We have talked about taking a mini-road trip to visit a few more wineries... we might have to do that next summer.

Does your state make wine? Have you been to a local winery?

xoxo, christa


  1. Is that wine with a straw in it???? If so, I'm quite amused!! lol

    Love, Mere

  2. Happy Birthday Christa!!! Have a wonderful day! We love you, Char and Joe (his bday today too!!)

  3. I mean... it is wine... but it has carbonated water in it! I don't usually drink my regular wine with a straw! :)


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