Thursday, August 25, 2011

allergic to the world

{nervously waiting at the allergist's office}

Another reason I've been a little absent is because I was preparing for my allergy testing. It's not a lot of work, but you can't take any antihistamines for several days leading up to your appointment. I felt like death. I left work early to go rest every afternoon because a nap is the only thing that cured my uncomfortableness and headaches. Then I still had house work to do and the last thing I felt like doing was getting on the computer. I mostly did what I had to and laid on the couch feeling like death.

So yesterday I finally had my testing done. The appointment was almost 3 hours long, but they do everything at once - the consultation, the prep, and the actual test. They usually do an under the skin test on adults. That means they take needles and inject a tiny bit of the allergen under your skin - like a TB test. Well... I don't like needles. They usually do prick tests on children. Prick tests are these 4-pronged sharp plastic things that they push into your skin and rock back and forth. It punctures the skin just enough to let the allergen in.

I told them I didn't like needles and they made me a little anxious but that I wanted the testing done. And I didn't want to mess it up by not doing it the way they do it. The nurse consulted with the doctor and agreed that I could start with prick test and they would only do the needles under the skin with any negative allergens to make sure that they were negative. 

{my arm during the prick test}

Well, it turns out that I was allergic/sensitive to everything with the prick test and didn't need any needle tests! But... I'm allergic to everything. Including the foods they tested me for. I never thought I would be allergic to everything. That explains why I feel miserable all the time!

I will be treated for the airborne allergens, like trees, pollens, molds, grasses. I won't be treated for the foods, I just have to make sure I don't eat a lot of the food at once or day after day. For example, I was sensitive to beef. I can eat beef once or twice a week, but if I eat more than that I could become more sensitive to it and eventually develop a life-threatening allergy.

I'm now back on my 'drugs' and I'm starting to feel better again. I apologize again for my absence!

Do you have any allergies? Have you ever been tested?

xoxo, christa


  1. I have been tested for skin allergies, and I am allergic to nickel (no more cheap earrings, and it explains why my ears hurt when I do wear them); parabens (no more cheap makeup--and do you know how hard it is to find reasonably priced makeup without parabens?); silicones (in a lot of hair products, lotions, makeup, etc.); and a component of hydrocortisone cream (which explains why hydrocortisone cream didn't treat my rash). So you are not alone in your allergies!

  2. Holy cow lady! I have mild seasonal allergies (stuffy nose and what not) and I'm allergic to nickel (I have always told guys I've been with that if they get me something cheap I WILL know) but otherwise I'm lucky.

    Back in high school my mom switched laundry detergents and the day after washing my brother's sheets he woke up with head to toe hives. It was AWFUL. Makes me happy that it didn't happen to me!

  3. SO bummed for you! I am allergic to everything except food too and unfortunately it sucks. My biggest advice if to vary allergy meds. I become immune to them over time. :(

    Also, local honey helps!

  4. Well after varying and playing with my diet on and off for several months, I think I'm lactose intolerant. The moment i gave up dairy, I stopped having digestive problems. Other than that I'm only allergic to camels. You heard me right.


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