Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i would so not be the biggest loser

The part of my BlogHer trip that people were most jealous of was my workout with Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser. Quaker put on the show and allowed 50 people to participate, so it was a nicely sized group. We met on a terrace of the hotel. It was a little chilly, but the view was nice!

Bob is hard core. He was not letting us off easy! And he kept teasing people about wearing make-up, not wearing shoes, not eating breakfast before hand... I didn't think the not eating breakfast thing was fair becuase they were serving us oatmeal after the workout! Quaker provided us with a yoga mat and bag that we were able to take home. It will come in handy for my weekly zumba class!

While the workout wasn't easy... it was oh so good. My thighs burned for 3 days! There we're some things we did that I couldn't complete or I had to take a break. I could just imagine Bob walking over to me and yelling that I wasn't a quitter. That kept me motivated and luckily he wasn't in Biggest Loser mode!

I only remember a few of the exercises, but I got one of Bob's DVD's after the workout. I have yet to try it, but my zumba class was cancelled this week so I was hoping to give it a try tomorrow night. I'll let you know if I like it.

After our workout everyone clamored to get a picture with Bob. His publicists or assistants or whatever were kinda rude about the whole thing, announcing that he only had "30 more seconds" until he had to leave. Bob didn't listen to them and he kept taking pictures for as long as he could before his 'people' drug him off the terrace.

Here is the group picture that Bob tweeted out later. After this we all ran over to the convention center to have a Quaker sponsored oatmeal breakfast and a Q & A session with Bob.

It was fun, and tiring, way to start our Saturday morning!

xoxo, christa

ps: All of this is my own opinion. Quaker didn't ask me to write anything about them. Bob did ask that we say nice things about him, but that didn't persuade me in any way. ;)


  1. I kind of think this would have killed me lol.

  2. You are so lucky!! I can only imagine how your thighs burned; I would've been in the same situation too :( He's a cutie!!

    Love, Mere

  3. Days! I was sore for DAYS! But it was really awesome. Glad you made me go. ;o)

  4. Seriously-- how cool is that?! You got to work out with Bob! I can't imagine the pain that you were feeling after that intense of a workout. I would be like the Biggest Loser contestants on the very first day if I did a Bob or Jillian work out.


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