Friday, August 12, 2011

queen bee market, pt. 1

I was SO excited when I found out that the Queen Bee Market was going to be in San Diego the same weekend as BlogHer. I've swooned over the market since they started it!

The displays were so cute. I definitely brought home some ideas for my next market. I don't remember who's bow ties these were... if you do let me know and I'll link to them!

I was contemplating buying an adorable yellow fame from Olive Blue and I set it by my feet while I arranged the other things in my shopping bag and a woman took it and walked off with it! I was kinda bummed out but I didn't have the courage to follow her and ask for it back.

Of course I visited April's booth! I even brought something home. That's where part two will come into play. I'll show you my goodies and tell you a funny story.

I loved all the packaging items that Inspire Lovely had. There were so many options I decided to wait and check out her etsy shop. And I've already picked out a handful of things!

I also saw Lindsay and picked up a little something from her shop, too, but some how didn't get a picture of her booth. :( I must have been too distracted by the bloom belts. If I wasn't flying home I would have done so much more damage!

Be back soon!

xoxo, christa


  1. Oh my goodness I'm swooning over all the cute stuff! You must have been in heaven!

  2. Pretty much a dream for me and a nightmare for my wallet! Looks like you had a a GREAT time! :)

  3. So, so pretty! I'm jealous ;) I love all the eye candy at those booths! I would have gone broke!


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