Friday, September 9, 2011

flashback: 1991

{my cousin jess, me, and my cousins charles and gregg}

I love my cousins. All 12 of them. I miss them all a lot. {little reminder that any of you are welcome to come stay in my guest room...}

{jess and I with aunt mary}

These pictures were taken at my Grandma Jane's house. I still remember this summer day that we were all in her backyard hanging out. My Great Aunt Mary came to surprise my Grandma for her 60th birthday. And Aunt Mary brought all us kids a bunch of gifts, including the cubs hats and teenage mutant ninja turtles bandanas. But the best were the troll dolls wearing a camo/army outfit because they had gemstone belly buttons - you know, the cool trolls. :)

 {me and jess with grandma jane}

My Mom sent the pictures and she pointed out that I'm wearing three different outfits... my party dress, my play clothes, and one of my grandma's t-shirts. 

I still have quite a few memories from when I really young and I really appreciate them. What were you doing in the summer of '91?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Steven and I are going to spend some time on Saturday enjoying a local music and BBQ festival and have plans to make brunch together on Sunday.

xoxo, christa


  1. This is totally making me want to post old pictures too! I'll have to drop by my parents' house and see what they have.

  2. So cute! You haven't changed one bit! In 1991, I was getting ready to start first grade--I was SO excited!

  3. Oh I feel so old. :) I was pregnant with my son during the summer of 1991! He will be 20 next month. *sigh*


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