Friday, September 2, 2011

our rusty boy

Well... I think he's ours. I know people who bet on the fact that we would keep Rusty - and you're all right. I did try to find him another loving home, but nothing ever came of it. And the older boys kinda like having him around, so he's here to stay. Not to mention the fact that we have already spent a lot on money taking him to the vet for all his shots.

Rust-erson is almost 5 times the weight he was at his first vet visit. He was 1.4 pounds and now he's 5.2 pounds! His ear mites are gone, he eats well, uses the litter box, and his wounds are healed and the fur has grown back.

He is such a good boy. He still goes into the guest room at night so he can eat kitten food. We can't leave it out or the big boys would eat it all and end up overweight. Well, he has started basically putting himself to bed! Rusty will go and sit by the door and wait for me to let him in. I fill his food, refresh his water and give him a few pets before saying good night. As soon as he hears us in the morning he meows a couple times to let us know that he's ready to come out. It's pretty adorable. :)

I've always wanted an orange cat... I've had black cats, brown tabbies and grey cats, but never an orange one. And I love Rusty's eye color! It's like an olive-brown. So now we have one cat with gold eyes, one with green and one with brown.

I never thought I would have three cats at once. There are three cats at my parents house, but there were three cats to four humans until I went to college. Right now there are more cats than humans! But what can I say, I'm an animal lover. :)

What's the most animals you've ever had at once?

xoxo, christa


  1. Jeez, I'm so happy you're gonna keep him. That poor little baby has been through so much, it deserves a home like yours. :)

    He really is a cutie, I adore him!

    xoxo. Nadine

    P.S.: My favorite animal is my cat Ruby. I adore her, too. :)

  2. Right now we have the most animals ever, four dogs, seven (barn) cats, and 40 chickens.

    Rusty is a cutie and lucky to have you!

  3. The most animals I've ever had at once was 3 - two cats and a dog.

    And I am SO happy you're keeping him! He's so cute!

  4. He is just so adorable, I'm happy he's sticking around. I'm also jealous you can get clear shots of your pets, mine never stop moving.

  5. 7 Cats!!! Four of the kittens went to TLC.. My fav was Squeaky...a tiger gray and white! The rest were Siamese...if you please!!!

    He's a lucky boy!

  6. he's adorable... i don't have pets but really would love to have one!

  7. Glad you are keeping him. The most pets I've ever had is the two I have right dog and one cat. My fiance and I have unoffically fostered a couple cats cats and a boxer puppy until we were able to find them other homes. I wanted to keep them all, so I totally identified with this post. I'm glad that there are other people out there that care as much about animals as I do!

  8. He's adorable!! (FAB pictures by the way!) We rescued our 3 cats from a ditch near my in-law's country home! Then we got a dog - so the animal ratio here is currently 2 to 1 :)

  9. so precious! i love his lil paws;)


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