Wednesday, October 19, 2011

100th homecoming parade

Since it was the 100th Homecoming at the University that started the tradition of coming home, I felt the need to attend as many activities as possible. I had only gone to the parade once before, but this one felt important.

I got up early and made a stop at the Brewer Breakfast before heading to the parade. I took my pancakes and sausage to-go so I could get a good seat. I met up with some friends and co-workers and enjoyed some warm hot chocolate while waiting for the parade to begin.

A photo-overload follows, but there were some pictures I just couldn't leave out! 

{truman all jazzed up and dancing with the cheerleaders}

{the golden girls}

{flag crew}

{marching mizzou}

{vintage fire trucks}

{crowd in front of the brewer field house}

{my sister katie, in the middle, with her sorority}

{my sister's group's float}

{brewer field house all decked out in mizzou garb}

{the giant mass of people watching the parade}

Following the parade I ran home to change {the weather went from freezing to pleasant} and returned to the stadium for some tailgating and to watch the game. I left my camera at home for fear of losing it or breaking it.

Does your Alma Mater go all out on homecoming? It's always a big deal at Mizzou, but the 100th Homecoming was really something special. :)

xoxo, christa

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