Thursday, November 3, 2011

stormy, cold day

It is a a wet, chilly day here in mid-mo. I usually don't care for stormy days, unless I can stay at home all day curled up with a blanket. Instead I am at work, but I did manage to fix myself a cup of hot chocolate. :)

I'm actually kind of excited that the holidays are approaching. I haven't seen my extended family since last christmas! The first part of winter is always the easiest part to get through, the holidays keep us happy. And I'm personally in love with twinkle lights. But then January and February just drag on - I'm not looking forward to those months. I'm pretty sure I have a little bit of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

What's your favorite part of late fall and winter? Do you ever feel like you have SAD, or do you love the cold, snowy weather?



  1. Seriously, once the holidays are over I am always DONE with winter. Snow and I are not friends.

  2. I felt like I had SAD living in Michigan - January through March were just the WORST! But I always love holiday-time :D

  3. I am dreading snow days already. Hopefully we won't have another winter like last year!

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