Friday, January 20, 2012

holiday cards 2011

I made our holiday cards this year to save a little money. I also hand-delivered a majority of them after realizing/remembering that square envelopes require more postage. Better luck next time...

I also took the photos for our card using the timer function on my camera. I told Steven where to sit or stand, set up the camera and then ran over to him and got into place. It was pretty comical, but we were short on time and Steven doesn't have much patience when it comes to getting his picture taken.

My absolute favorite is the picture of the kitties. I got them all to pose with the string of lights.

{this will get much larger if you click on it}

Aren't they just the best boys?! They knew how important the picture was to me.

Okay. Who am I kidding? It took me almost an hour to get them each on the couch individually, then I spent more time photo-shopping them together. There is no frickin' way I'd get them all on the couch together! Here are two of my favorite outtakes... 

 {whatcha doin' mom?}

{hey, is it my turn yet?}

Surprisingly, Toby was the most difficult to get to sit still. I got Rusty's picture in three shots, Elliott's in five and Toby took about 20.

I should also note that these were almost New Years cards. Luckily I got my act together and got them printed on time. :)

xoxo, christa


  1. Holy man you are PATIENT! Monte drives me nuts trying to get him to pose, he's not at all photogenic lol.

  2. I was wondering how you got all of your kitties to sit still for a fantastic portrait. Now I know. By the way, I loved your card.

  3. Looks very convincing! I'm lucky to get Bhu to even LOOK at me. LOL!


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