Sunday, January 8, 2012

i'm engaged!

That's right... Steven proposed to me on December 29th! We celebrated our own Christmas that Thursday night since he was off working the Mizzou bowl game in Louisiana over the holiday. We were bummed that he had to be away from home and his family, but were making the best of our mini-celebration.

We both got home a little early from work and cozied up on the couch to watch some TV. Every show we watched made some reference to engagements or weddings and I made my off-handed comments as usual. {Steven later said he couldn't believe every. single. show. kept talking about it. I think it was making him nervous!}

Then we made dinner together - spaghetti carbonara and salad - and sat down to eat. Steven had lit the candles, which should have been a hint - but I had no clue! I just said "Oh, you lit the candles. How nice." We cleaned up from dinner and dove into our stockings. He loaded mine with a three pound bag of gummy bears! 

I pointed him in the direction of his packages stacked next to the tree, but he insisted that I "open" my present first. I say "open" because Steven has a history of not wrapping my presents. He just has me close my eyes and then he presents me with the package. Which is exactly what he did...

He had me close my eyes and I sat on the couch waiting for him. I felt his hand on my leg, so I opened my eyes and saw him there on one knee with the open ring box in his hand. He asked me to marry him and I immediately reached to hug him and said "Oh my god. Are you serious?!" I hugged and kissed him and said "YES! Of course." He put the ring on my finger and then we both stood up and hugged again. Then I jumped up and down a little. Then we hugged again. And I jumped up and down a little more. :)

I debated on how to tell my parents and sister, they were in the car on their way to Texas - they had just left my house that afternoon! I decided to take a picture to text them, then call them a minute after. That way they would have the picture when I talked to them.

I called a few other family members and friends and then relaxed with Steven for a while until we went to go meet a couple of our friends at our usual gathering spot. We thought they would notice the ring eventually, but after at least an hour of chatting and trying to put it out there, they hadn't said a word! Steven finally said "Tell 'em." I said "No, you tell 'em." He nudged my hand down onto the table and our friends just stared at me, so I pointed down to clue them in. They we're both surprised and happy for us.

On New Years Eve a larger group of our friends gathered and we received more congratulations. It's been an exciting and happy time for Steven and I. :)

And now the planning begins! I already had a mini-collection of wedding magazines, so I dove into those right away. :) We've set a date in June 2013. Places book up so fast, especially in a smaller area like Columbia. I already have several bridal shows on the calendar!

We're both very excited and are looking forward to getting everything ready for our day.

xoxo, christa {& steven, too!}


  1. I am SO happy for you Christa! And what a sweet engagement story as well. Now you get to go crazy planning!

  2. congrats!!! i am planning my wedding right now too!! so much fun!

  3. WOOOHOOOOO! Congrats sweet friend :) married life is great!

  4. Congratulations! What a gorgeous ring! xxx

  5. Christa!!! This is so exciting! I had a hunch when your pinterest wedding board started filling up... :)

  6. That ring is gorgeous! Congrats to you--I can't wait to hear about all of the wedding planning!

  7. Congratulations, can't wait to see it in person! If you want any of my cynical advice on weddings, you are more than welcome to it :D

    Tell Steven he did good!

  8. Congratulations Christa!! What a sweet story too--he sounds like a keeper :)

  9. Congratulations! Your ring is so beautiful...

  10. Congrats!! I'm so excited for you!! I saw you pinning wedding things on Pinterest and had to come over to see what happened. LOL! Married life rocks. :-)


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