Thursday, January 26, 2012

kitchen loot

{créme brülée goodies}

I got quite a few kitchen items for christmas this year. All the gadgets and gear needed to make a delicious batch of créme brülée - vanilla beans, ramekins and a kitchen torch!

{other kitchen gadgets}

I also got flower molds for eggs or pancakes, a small scoop for portioning out mini muffins or cookies, a crinkle-cutter for veggies and deviled eggs, a new piping bag and tip for deviled egg making, and a mini-measuring cup.

But my favorite, most adorable kitchen item is this awesome milk jug measuring cup set.

{adorbs milk jug measuring set}

It was from santa, he got it at anthro. It's probably my favorite store, even if the closest location is two hours away. :)

What is your favorite kitchen gadget? Is it practical or just something super adorable?

xoxo, christa


  1. The measuring cups are so cute, christa! Now with all these new kitchen gadgets you can do some cooking like your dad! :) Any chance you have any idea where that creme brulee set came from?

    1. Exactly what I'm thinking! Hopefully I can make creme brulee as well as he can!

      The torch is from William Sanoma, the ramekins are from World Market and the vanilla beans are from Costco, but I know you can find them on amazon as well. :)

  2. I cannot choose between my zyliss greens spinner (Clovers), my Hot Shot, and my programmable Mr. Coffee in which my husband makes the most fabulous coffee.

  3. I think my favorite kitchen gadget it probably my Rabbit wine bottle opener. I LOVE that thing.

  4. That milk jug thing is amazing!!! Definitely have to figure out more about that thing!


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