Sunday, January 15, 2012

schlafly tour

Steven and I spent a day in St. Louis at the beginning of December. We rarely venture the two hours to Kansas City or St. Louis, but we should make time to do so more often - we had a blast!

We went to the Schlafly Tap Room to take a tour and have some late lunch / early dinner. We arrive right on time for the 2:00 tour, only to find out that they don't do tours at that location any more.

We procured the address for the other location, which was only about 5 minutes away, and got there in time to reserve a spot for the 3:00 tour. Since we had some time to kill, we took a seat at the bar and enjoyed a drink and some hot pretzels. I tried the Strawberry Cider and really enjoyed it! Then it was time for our tour before we knew it!

Our tour guide {I forgot her name.. oops!} led us into the brewery and told us all about how they made different beers. The process was really interesting to me since I don't usually think much about beer.

She showed us the lab where they test all the beer to make sure it meets their requirements, and then the bottling and storage area. It would have been cool to see the beer being bottled, but I can understand why that wouldn't be safe.

We were led into the tasting room where we learned a little more about their variety of beers and got to sample a few.

We tried the Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Pilsner and Oatmeal Stout. I learned that I don't like hoppy beer. I guess I kind of knew that already, but this confirmed it. Steven like it all, except the stout. He's not a fan of dark beers. I like stouts, but can only drink a small amount at a time.

It was really fun! We both agreed that we need to get out to St. Louis more to explore a bit. We'd also like to tour a winery once the weather gets nice and there are grapes on the vines!

Have you ever gone on a brewery or winery tour? What was your favorite part?

xoxo, christa


  1. I went to the Bacardi factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico a few years back, and it was one of the highlights of our vacation. I loved seeing how they turn sugar cane into rum--so neat! I also enjoyed the after-tour tasting tent, where the bartenders would whip you up just about anything using their products (my fav: the mojito!).

    I'm glad you had fun. Sometimes quick little trips are the most fun!

  2. I really want to take the PBR tour in Milwaukee and I don't even like beer! I just think it would be fun!

    I've also always wanted to go on a coffee roasting tour. I had the option to when I worked with Caribou and never ended up doing it. Makes me sad!

  3. When we went back to our fav winery on Mt Eagle TN and found it closed....the woman shot her husband and killed him!

  4. I live in St Louis and have been to both locations. I've never done their tour, just the Busch tour. St Louis has many microbrewery locations too. Hit up Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier in Central West End next time you are in town. You won't regret. Where are you from?

  5. Ah, these kind of tours are always so much fun! But I agree, it's often that the nicest places/towns/cities are that close, but somehow we never bother to go there...

    Have a happy week.
    XO. Nadine

    P.S.: Hope you're doing well?

  6. What a fun day! The strawberry cider sounds delicious!


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