Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wednesday pinsday: recipes for the win

How many things have you pinned? How many of those things have you actually done / cooked / implemented? I've pinned a total of 640 things. 95 of those are food items. Needless to say, the ratio of recipes I've pinned versus the amount I have attempted is very low. But here are some I have tried. They are christa approved.

{breakfast cake}
I modified the pinned recipe and used peaches and plums in mine. Delicious.

{wedge salad}
At-home version of the Outback Wedge Salad. New favorite!

{cinnamon roll pancakes}
They take a little time, but they are oh, so worth it. Super scrumptious. 

Might be better than take-out. It's certainly less expensive...

You can't go wrong with rice crispy treats. Add in some cake? Yes, please!

So there are a few things I've made and would recommend you try. I've decided to edit my pins once I've made the recipe. That way I know if I've tried it and if it is worth making again.

If you had one pinned recipe you would recommend, what would it be? Is your pinned to tried ratio as low as mine is?

xoxo, christa


  1. Must you tease me with all this delicious food??

  2. look at you go! I'm so impressed with it all :) that breakfast cake is calling my name!!!

  3. I don't pin, but I DO eat and that broc & beef thing looks mighty tasty! xxoo


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