Friday, February 3, 2012

my three {furry} boys

{probably the first time they ever all ate together}

These boys. One minute I can't get over how cute they are. The next I am hollering at one of them to quit this or that. But I sure do love them. And here is where I start to sound like a crazy cat lady...

Elliott is three, will be four in October. We found him, and his three siblings, in our neighbors bushes. After a visit to the local shelter we opted to save them euthanization and find homes for them on our own. And we ended up keeping Ell-bug.

Toby will be two in May. My friend was on the way to the animal shelter with him and four of his siblings. We saved him from having to spend time there.

Rusty will be one in May. His story is a little long. But basically, we found him emaciated and nursed him back to health. And then couldn't bare the thought of giving him up.

Each of these boys has their own little place in my heart. I love watching them become closer every day. They each have their own relationship with the other. But one thing is common - which ever two aren't snuggling up with me are usually pretty jealous. :)

Even though they can drive me bonkers, I'm fairly certain that life wouldn't be the same with out them.

Do you have any pets who have stolen your heart?

xoxo, christa


  1. I like how you saved each one of them. They're lucky to have such a great cat mom!

  2. Yup 4 of 'em. And they all try to cuddle and sleep with us every night. We have a very furry bed.

  3. Love the kitty pictures....I miss mine, but cant travel with them....Love you guys...

  4. Laundry basket just like the other ones you used to have back in the old days. I miss my Isha.....

  5. They look Furry, Furry Happy! xxoo Patty & Bhu

  6. Your cats are adorable! No wonder they've stolen your heart :)


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