Tuesday, February 28, 2012

velvet cupcake tasting

I recently discovered that there was a new cupcake store in Columbia, MO, the first one since I've been here. I spent last Saturday with my sister and we stopped by Velvet Cupcake to grab a couple cupcakes to take home for a mini-tasting. We were anxious to give them a try!

{of course elliott had to sniff-test them for us}

The store was cute, albeit tiny. They only had five flavor options available, but after visiting their facebook page it appears that they only offer 6 flavors a day. The options were red velvet, triple chocolate ganache, tiramisu, PB & J and sugar free strawberry. We opted for red velvet {a favorite of ours}, tiramisu {my favorite dessert} and PB & J {because who doesn't love PB&J?!}. Each one was $2.75. We bought them at about 4pm, ate them at about 8pm and left them out on the counter, in their boxes, during that time.

We judged them on appearance, cake flavor, frosting flavor and overall taste. Then we gave them a thumbs up or down. Each of us has one thumb to judge with.

Up first, red velvet. We decided to start with this favorite of ours.
Appearance: The frosting looks great, the cake looks really artificially red. Is there any cocoa in it?

Cake: The cake on it's own was really, really dry. It didn't necessarily have any good 'red velvet' flavor to it.

Frosting Flavor: The frosting is over-the-top sweet.

Overall Taste: The frosting did help moisten the cake, but didn't do anything for the overall taste of the cake.

Verdict: Two thumbs down. We didn't even take a second bite of this one.

Second, the tiramisu cupcake.
Appearance: It looks just like a cupcake version of tiramisu - good start!

Cake: Dense, but really good. Tastes almost like a pound cake, but it's not that dense. The bites with the coffee liquor were really good!

Frosting Flavor: Nice basic whipped cream with a bit of coffee liquor flavor.

Overall Taste: The cake and frosting work really well together and actually enhance the other flavors.

Verdict: Two thumbs way up! Our favorite - we ate the whole thing!

Lastly, the peanut butter & jelly cupcake.
Appearance: Really pretty. You can tell it's peanut butter & jelly just from looking at it. And it smells just like a pb & J sandwich!

Cake & Filling: The cake by itself is really hard, like it had been sitting a while. The bites with the jelly were a little better, but the jelly was just a scoop of jelly. They didn't thin it out at all to help it seep into the cake.

Frosting Flavor: The frosting tasted like peanut butter, but was also really dry.

Overall Taste: Since the frosting was so dry, it didn't help to moisten the very dry, stale cake at all.

Verdict: Two thumbs down. We really wanted to like this one, but were very disappointed.

We were really disappointed by the cupcakes. Katie and I wanted to love all them. This doesn't mean we won't go back... they are relatively new, we'll have to do another post with the same cupcakes again in a few months to see if they have improved or not.

If you're a local, have you been to Velvet Cupcake? What did you try and think?

If you're not a local, do you have a cupcake place in your town? Is it amazing? Let me know, I might have to make a trip to give it a try!

xoxo, christa & katie


  1. My mother-in-law bought me a 9-pack of the mini-cupcakes for my birthday. It had red velvet, s'more and peanut butter & chocolate. I thought the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake was delicious but agree that the red velvet wasn't the best.

    The mini-cupcakes were the perfect size. It would be hard to eat an entire cupcake without getting a sugar overload.

  2. If you ever happen to be in Milwaukee, WI you MUST check out mine and BF's fav cupcake shop. Seriously haven't found a single flavor we don't like!

    The tiramisu cupcake looks delish... I love tiramisu AND cupcakes so that sounds like a winner to me!

  3. I just have to say that I, too, loved the Tiramisu cupcake (and the Rasberry Lemon), but some of the others were not as good. I really hope they are able to refine their recipes and come out with some other great cupcakes!


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